Ships Husbandry

Standard Diving & Marine Contractors In-water services can dramatically reduce your drydock costs

Subaqueous Pipeline

Standard Diving & Marine Contractors Induced Tone Line Tracers are one of the most economical and efficient information gathering systems available to the inland underwater pipeline inspector

Power Plant

FERC Inspections, Intake Bay Clean outs, Facilities Repair, Traveling Water Screens, Water-side Inspections


Repair, Renewal, Inspection. Our capabilities include Video/Photographic Inspection, Bridge Inspections, Marine Construction, Pile Encapsulation

Fire Suppression & Potable Water Tanks

We offer underwater visual and video inspections of potable water reservoirs & storage facilities (in full compliance with NFPA 25 and ANSI/AWWA 6652-92 standards).


Slip Clearing, Wreck Survey & Demolition, In-house Inventory of Salvage bags