Power Plant

Maintenance Supervisors and Engineers involved with Hydro and Coal Fired Generating Facilities require divers for routine and emergency services. The problem for the person hiring is how do you choose the most qualified contractor?

The primary consideration should be Experience. There is no substitute for Experience and there is no underestimating the importance of it.

Standard Diving & Marine Contractors is familiar with Generating Facilities, specializing in Hydro and Coal Fired Stations.

Standard Diving & Marine Contractors has a large pool of knowledge with capable and talented diving supervisors and divers utilizing solid and diversified backgrounds in power generation.

Take the time to look into Standard Diving & Marine Contractors background, the collective experience of the dive crew, and the company’s work history. When hiring a dive company remember that, in a very real sense, they represent you. The Experience of the crew and Experience working in facilities like yours will lessen the diver’s “bottom time” and your “bottom line”.